Chartered Building Surveyors based in Tunbridge Wells operating throughout Kent and the South East

To the householder or business Client, Chartered Building Surveyors are the specialists who report on the condition of a property prior to purchase and advise on the likely cost and implication of repairs. The importance of the full pre-purchase survey is increasingly recognised as an essential safeguard against making a bad purchase and ensures that the purchaser is properly appraised of the implications of purchase.

We are also experts in Project Management, including Feasibility Surveys, Budgeting, Design, Drawings and obtaining Local Authority consents.  These are complex and challenging tasks with many possible pitfalls.  Finding a competent and reputable builder, obtaining comprehensive tenders and supervising the building works requires considerable expertise and cost control.  All these elements are within the scope of our Project Management service.

Walrond & Company is one of the only a handful of Chartered Building Surveyors within the Tunbridge Wells area. We have concentrated on maintaining our independent status whilst consolidating our broad-based expertise.